Golden Teacher Mushrooms


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Golden Teacher Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher mushroom variety is very popular with showmen and growers alike. Golden teacher spores from Canada are becoming a favorite of myco growers. While the variety has captured the hearts of psychonauts around the world. It is a favourite among psycho-souls and for many different reasons. But above all because of its unique aroma and taste a popular mushroom.

This is also one of the most sought after and ever found Golden Teacher mushroom growing sets available online. If you want to use the cubensis mushrooms in your growkit. You can buy Elephantos beginner mushroom kits on Amazon. Or you can buy them if you want to make your own growkit. 

The Golden Teacher Mushroom fungus is a hallucinogenic fungus whose components are psilocybin and p-silicin. It has a high psychedelic effect, which means that it is often the strongest psychedelic mushroom in the world. And one of the best psychedelic mushrooms available online. Compared to other mushrooms, its mushrooms are strong enough to strengthen body and mind. And help you feel connected to the natural world. Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, like the Golden Teacher, are a growkit you may have used before. 

The microdosage of golden teacher mushrooms also has a positive effect on the body’s immune system. As well as on the brain, brain and nervous system. If you want to refresh your mind and revitalize your body with a microdose of psilocybin. You can buy golden teacher mushrooms and capsules online. So if you’re still wondering where to buy silk spores. Be prepared to shop online and spend some time in online forums. Because the Netherlands is one of the most popular countries in the world where golden teacher mushrooms are sold. 

Psilocybe Cubensis Growing Kit

You can easily find a Psilocybe Cubensis Growing Kit that has everything you need to start growing Magic Mushroom. To grow Magic mushrooms, you can collect the material from scratch and grow the mushroom yourself. But some growers want to grow it easily and quickly. For the cultivation of psilocin cubensis we can use mushroom cultivation sets. And use them as a starting point for the cultivation of gold teacher mushrooms. 

An alternative is to grow the fungus from scratch using the so-called PF-Tek method. Remove the mushrooms from the cake by grasping the bottom of each mushroom with your thumb and index finger. 

If the surface was not clean, the microorganisms would thrive and attach to the growing box that would contaminate them. Mushrooms grow at the bottom of the cake, not at the top of the cake and not in the middle of a box.    

As Ophelia Chong explains, the buyer should be aware that the spores are only purchased for research. And education purposes and that the cultivation of psilocybin is illegal. Many online sports shops sell spores without revealing the fact that. They germinate to produce a silky – white, white – brown or black – and black Pcellaroid fungus. The best spores dealers will clearly identify which spores should germinate to harvest the fungus and which not. Which are illegal due to the presence of harmful microorganisms in them. Therefore, many traders express their opinion before selling spores. To make it clear that these spores are not intended for mushroom cultivation. 


Cultivating shampignons with the intention of selling them is legal in the United States, as are laws that decriminalize or legalize the sale of psilocybin mushrooms. 

Although 30 different types of psychoactive mushrooms grow in Australia and psilocybe spores naturally grow on the continent, the fines and penalties for owning mushrooms can be very high, especially for the 30 or so mushrooms that grow. If you use the spores to grow the mushrooms, you may be on the wrong side of the law if you live in a country where pilocybin is not tolerated. 

Don’t worry psychonauts, you can still enjoy a mushroom trip, the only difference is that you have to grow the mushrooms yourself. Send us your mushroom growing box so we can start growing mushrooms for you quickly.

You should throw your growkit away in the garbage, or you can dispose of it yourself. When it turns green, red, grey or yellow, Magic Mushroom grows and you grow more mushrooms from it than from the grower’s box.  

The Spore Microscopy Set contains 10 ml of authentic Golden Teacher spores in each syringe, individually packaged, with sterile needles included. Take the Golden Spores bottle out of the package and shake it to mix the spores into the solution.

The cake mushroom turns red or brown with the spores black, purple and other cubensis trunks, but no other Cubensis trunk turns red – brown.

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