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cannabis shop online. Buy green crack online. Sometimes shock value are often an enormous asset when naming and marketing strains.  Although some still prefer the name Cush to sidestep any unwanted cannabis stigma. The love for this fruity and earthy strain is unanimous. It delivers a trippy and energetic high that’s perfect for daytime use. Its potency — Green Crack averages 16% THC content — ensures that you’ll feel uplifted for hours to return.

Cured properly, the flowers have a bright citrus scent with mellow undertones of earthiness and wood. The smoke is extremely smooth, and leaves a tang at the highest of the palate and therefore the back of the tongue, like mango. On the exhale, smoke tastes vaguely hashy and spicy, perhaps evidence of Afghani in its lineage.

Despite mostly indica physical characteristics, Green Crack features a strong and buzzy sativa high. It provides users with a lift of energy that soon manifests as a cerebral mindset, making this a superb wake and bake strain. G.


Green Crack also can have some slightly psychedelic effects, including visual distortions and, particularly, an odd sense of your time dilation. Because it can leave users feeling uplifted and fairly wired, this strain isn’t recommended to be used late in the dark. Because it doesn’t have many physically relaxing indica properties

Green Crack may be a relatively easy strain to grow, and an honest choice for newcomers to cultivation. It can flourish indoors or out, although outdoor growing requires a stable source of sunlight. And consistent temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s more easily grown indoors where conditions are often controlled. Buy green crack online

Plants can reach between 3 and 4 feet tall with strong lateral branching. Growers should practice “topping” when growing these plants. Which involves trimming broad leaves at the highest of the plant to permit light to succeed in the flower stalks and produce as many buds as possible.


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