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Buy original glue on the web

Buy original glue on the web. Die-hard Glue fans could also be a touch confused here, but never fear – GG Strains has you covered. The name Original Glue doesn’t denote a replacement strain but instead is just a rebranding of your favorite bud of all time. Gorilla Glue #4. A cross between Sour Dub, Chem Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. This plant has won more awards than we will even list.

If you would like a strain which will absolutely knock you on your ass. Original Glue is the one to select with a high of 30% THC. Buds are very chunky and sticky with thick resin, contributing partly to how she got her name. Flavors and aromas of diesel, pine, and chocolate will permeate the air, so confirm you smoke this one privately. Not only is she potent when it involves psychoactive effects. But the palate this bud brings will either cause you to fall crazy or never try it again. Buy original glue online


Let’s get one thing straight Original Glue isn’t a wake and bake strain. In fact. Only the brave would dare try her during the daytime, unless the sole thing on your agenda is to take a seat on the couch. And watch Judge Judy all day long. If nothing else, perhaps you’ll enjoy a friendly conversation together with your bag of chips and laugh a touch harder at your favorite shows, because you certainly won’t be accomplishing much of anything.

Not only does Original Glue boast an insane amount of THC but the strain does also measure at about 1% CBN, making her ideal for treating medical conditions. An uplifted state of mind helps to scrub away anxiety, stress, and depression, and if you struggle with insomnia, a couple of hits of this before bedtime will have you ever sleeping sort of a baby.


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