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Buy Marijuana Seeds Online, chemdawg online Over the years there has been quite one story circulating about how Chemdawg came into being. But with no thanks to confirm the rumors we are left wondering. And thus Chemdawg lives on to be one among the foremost mysterious strains on the market.

One thing is needless to say though, which is that Chemdawg has well and truly made a reputation for itself. Chemdawg is the simplest strains to undertake if you’ve got a passion for pot. This hybrid boasts between 15 and 20% THC, making it pretty strong. But the important draw for us is its insanely potent aroma and fast-acting effects. Buy chemdawg online. Buy marijuana online

Commonly mentioned as a Sativa-dominant strain, this is often one to choose if you’re keen on a chatty, get-stuff-done kind of high, but one should be prepared before delving in. This strain are often pretty hard-hitting so newbies might want to steer clear!

Chemdawg has been the parent strain of the many world-famous buds. Like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, both of which are pot powerhouses in their rights! However, as we said, nobody knows where Chemdawg came from.

What we do know needless to say is that this delightfully potent bud may be a cannabis staple for the intense bud smoker, and it’s been at the middle of the U.S. cannabis marketplace for decades.

Chemdawg Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

The first thing that hits you with Chemdawg is that the smell. Think eye-watering pungency with notes of chemicals and diesel, and you’ll get somewhere on the brink of the facility of Chemdawg. The earthy notes including the diesel-like scent makes for a seriously musky strain, which you’ll likely either love or hate!


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